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Trip to Gillette Castle Park. July 4, 2004

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Gillette castle in East Haddam, Connecticut
Boris and Paya - Matveika's parents
In the park
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Matveika's taking picture of his mother taking a picture of his sister and father :-)
And...the other way around :-)
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Matveika and his father
On the trail
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Matveika's mother with his Alenka
IMG_5123.JPG IMG_5135.JPG IMG_5147.JPG IMG_5151.JPG
Small covered bridge
Everybody's having fun
DSC04033 DSC04034 DSC04032 DSC04037
DSC04042 DSC04043 DSC04048 IMG_5156.JPG
Something along the lines of Matrix :-)
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IMG_5163.JPG IMG_5165.JPG IMG_5167.JPG IMG_5178.JPG
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View of Connecticut river
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Beautiful stone work
DSC04058 DSC04059 IMG_5196.JPG IMG_5197.JPG
DSC04020 DSC04021 DSC04024 DSC04028
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IMG_5211.JPG IMG_5219.JPG IMG_5213.JPG IMG_5223.JPG
Lilly pond in the park
IMG_5216.JPG DSC04077 IMG_5225.JPG IMG_5227.JPG
I love our camera!!!! Isn't this dragonfly beautiful?
The owners of the pond - FROGS!!!!
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IMG_5235.JPG IMG_5238.JPG IMG_5239.JPG DSC04054
DSC04057 DSC04074

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