I was born in 1972 in Pinsk, a city in Western Belarus, then a republic of the former USSR. Finished eight years of high school in Mogilev — a large industrial regional center, and enrolled into a four-year physician assistant program in Pinsk State Medical College. After completing two years of school, my family and I left the USSR in November of 1989. We lived in a suburb of Vienna, Austria for three weeks and subsequently in Rome and Santa Marinella, Italy for five months in the process of our immigration to the United States. We arrived to Lancaster, Pennsylvania in May of 1990.

F&M Seal Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA. Graduated in 1994 with Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Biology. Pre-Medical Arts Program. Concentration in Computer Science, International Politics and Business Administration. Independent research in areas of biochemistry, molecular biology and physiology - "Protein phosphorylation in mitochondria of etiolated oat shoots: mechanisms of regulation." William & Lucille Hackman and Howard Huges Scholar. Tutorial in digital image acquisition, processing and analysis. Consultant in designing digital image analysis laboratory, work reflected in NSF proposal "Implementation of Digital Image Processing and Analysis in a Biology Curriculum." Physician Preceptorship program in Lancaster General Hospital.

Computing Services Manager in Center for Information Systems and Computing Services, Franklin & Marshall College. Troubleshooting of applications, System software and various hardware as well as support for Macintosh users on campus among faculty, staff and administration. Familiarity with Apple Macintosh line of computers and peripherals. System design, installation and training of new users. Expertise in numerous software applications. Knowledgeable in a variety of networking and communications software, Internet and available services and resources. Computer programming in BASIC, Pascal and C with emphasis on Macintosh interface design.

An article "Using computers... liberally" featuring myself and a few other F&M alumni working in the field of biomedical informatics was published in Franklin & Marshall Magazine in Spring of 2006.

UPitt Seal University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Pittsburgh, PA. Graduated in 1998 with MD degree. Member of American Medical Association, American Medical Student Association, Pennsylvania Medical Society, Allegheny County Medical Society, American Medical Informatics Association. Research involving computer-based audiovisual teaching aids in medical education - Tome, Julie A., MD, M. S. Gendelman, MD, S. L. Kanter, MD, M. Palchuk, J. E. Janosky, Ed.D., P. Seidman, MD. "Comparison of a Multimedia Observation of Performance Examination with Traditional Performance-Based Examinations." Anesthesia & Analgesia, Volume 28 (2S), February 1996. Secretary of the Student Executive Council (SEC) during the 1996 term. Volunteer at Belarus-American Child Health Foundation, Pennsylvania-Russia Business Council. Continue to work on Russification of Macintosh website, currently in its fourth edition.

MCPHU MCP Hahnemann University, Philadelphia, PA; managed by Drexel University, formerly Hahnemann University and Medical College of Pennsylvania (I don't like to mention Allegheny University of Health Sciences here). Residency training in Categorical Internal Medicine, Class of 2001. Hahnemann University Hospital, Medical College of Pennsylvania (MCP) Hospital and Elkins Park Hospital of the Tenet Healthcare system.

CHIP Children's Hospital Informatics Program, Harvard/MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology, Boston, MA. Fellowship in Medical Informatics, a two-year (2001-2003) program emphasing clinical informatics. Research in standards for data representation and communications, data modeling, electronic medical records, personal health records, and application security. Personal Internetworked Notary and Guardian (PING) project. Isaac S. Kohane, MD, PhD, mentor. Fellowship funded by the National Library of Medicine.

Concurrently earned a Masters of Science in Medical Informatics degree at the Harvard/MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology. Thesis on "Access Control in Personal Electronic Medical Records."

Clinical Informatics Research and Development division of the IS department at Partners HealthCare System, Inc., Boston, MA. Senior Medical Informatics Specialist (2003-2008). After being in school or treated as a student for 13 years, finally my first serious job! CIRD is responsible for leading the development of clinical systems strategy for Partners Healthcare, conducting applied informatics research & development, and key design issues in Partners enterprise clinical systems (especially those involving complex clinical workflows, usability, controlled terminology, knowledge management and clinical decision support). I was a lead designer and a product manager for components of an internally-developed ambulatory electronic medical record system, focusing on user interface issues, controlled terminologies, software integration and structured data entry.

Center for Biomedical Informatics at Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA. Interlingua Architect (2008-2009). CBMI is a research center that promotes and facilitates collaborative activities in biomedical informatics among researchers at Harvard Medical School and its affiliated institutions. In an era of biomedical knowledge overload, high-throughput biomedical data generation, increasing consumer access to biomedical information, and demands for real-time, information based public health, the CBMI was established to lead research and educational activities to meet these pressing national needs. I was responsible for creating an infrastructure to support collaborative environment among Harvard-affiliated hospitals and research institutions with the ultimate goal of ensuring interoperability across institutions and even nation-wide by sharing basic science data, medical knowledge, clinical information, results of genetic tests, and other data.

Recombinant Data Corp., Newton, MA. Director of Medical Informatics (2009 - 2012). Recombinant offers healthcare providers and academic medical centers proven, leading-edge data warehousing and clinical intelligence solutions to deliver higher quality outcomes, accelerate personalized medicine, and lower costs. Our team of industry veterans is focused on improving the flow of reliable data to power clinical and research applications in a secure, compliant environment.

ConvergeHEALTH ConvergeHEALTH by Deloitte, Newton, MA. Chief Medical Informatics Officer (2012-2014). Recombinant Data Inc. was acquired and renamed ConvergeHEALTH — a business unit of Deloitte Consulting, LLP, focusing on "data-driven transformation of health care through the application of insights derived from new data, analytics, transformational services and collaborative business models." As CMIO, my responsibilities included oversight of informatics-related design and development for product development; and management of the team of SMEs and business data analysts working on pragmatic solutions in applied analytics.

Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA. Instructor in Medicine (2005-present). Academic affiliation with Division of General Internal Medicine at Brigham and Womens Hospital, Boston, MA.
BMI 701/702 - Introduction to Biomedical Informatics. Invited Lecturer.
Fall 2012: Seminar on Terminologies and Applied Ontologies.

TriNetX, Inc. TriNetX, Inc., Cambridge, MA. Vice President, Informatics (2014 - present)

Consulting in Medical Informatics. Contact me for details. Key skills:
  • Experience in product management at large integrated delivery network
  • Expertise in information management as applied to medicine
  • Strong grounding in areas of data acquisition and intreroperability
  • Special interest in standards and controlled vocabularies
  • Research in patient-controlled health records and issues of privacy and security
  • Hands-on experience in data modeling/representation, programming, and database management

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